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Resolution of Symptoms from Arnold-Chiari Malformation in a 6-Year-Old Male Following Reduction of Vertebral Subluxation with Knee-Chest Upper Cervical Care: Case Report & Selective Review of the Literature

Ray Drury D.C. & Chase O’Keefe D.C.

Journal of Upper Cervical Chiropractic Research ~ May 1, 2017 ~ Pages 12-21


Objective: The objective of this case report is to describe and discuss the effect of Specific Knee-Chest upper cervical chiropractic care on a six-year-old male with vertebral subluxation, Arnold-Chiari malformation and concomitant symptoms including headache, motion sickness, and progressive hearing deterioration.

Clinical Features:
The patient in this case was diagnosed, via MRI, with Arnold-Chiari malformation. Chiropractic clinical indicators of vertebral subluxation included paraspinal thermography and cervical spine radiographs.

Intervention and Outcomes:
The patient underwent a case history review and chiropractic examination which consisted of paraspinal thermographic readings using a Tytron 4000 scanner and specific upper cervical radiographs. An upper cervical subluxation was detected at C1 in which the patient was adjusted using a high velocity, low amplitude torque toggle-recoil thrust in the knee-chest posture using a Kale knee-chest solid headpiece stationary table. Upon post-cervical spine radiograph analysis, it was determined the major vertebral subluxation was C2.  

Specific Knee-Chest upper cervical chiropractic care provided positive outcomes to the pediatric patient with ACM. After the first adjustment, the patient reported that his headache symptoms had been eliminated. The upper cervical subluxation finding of pattern and thermal asymmetry was resolved; this was shown via post-paraspinal thermography scan. Post- spinal radiographs after forty-three days of care also indicated a measured reduction in the malposition of the C1 vertebra.

Key Words:
chiropractic, upper cervical knee-chest, knee-chest solid headpiece, pediatric, Arnold-Chiari malformation, headache, vertebral subluxation, adjustment